Do not quit!


Hey y’all,

I hope this will be inspirational to all new bloggers or if you are new at anything else. So finally I got balls to open my blog site. And as we all know, it is hard to begin with something new. Example: there are a lot of people who are starting with something new. Let say that you are starting with YouTube. Probably you will publish 100 videos and get maybe 50 subscribers. And now is all on you. You can give up and say to yourself that you don’t have luck, your destiny is not to be successful or something else. But that is all bullshit, and you are just making excuses. And after few years when you see someone who menage to be successful you will say “oh he had luck” , “probably his parents were rich” etc. But YOU quit. I’m looking at that like this, if you are not happy with something in your life, than go and change it, don’t talk about how you ‘re not well ,because it is YOUR problem. We are all the same people. We have one brain, two ears, two eyes and one mouth. Stop saying he/she had luck , he/she was born with gold spoon in her ass (sorry for the language). If you want to be successful like them, than go and change it.

First you never give up , never be a quitter. Work till you succeed. Example: if your dream is to become president and you go to elections and you fail, don’t give up try again. What most of the people do is quit or they reduce their target (to become president) and they become charwoman.. Maybe it is silly example but I hope you understand.

Second thing you have to do is surround your self with positive people. With people who have same dreams like (to become successful) . If you are hanging with quitters you will become one, because all people around affect you, and you don’t know that. You can’t be the same person  whole life, if you’re not changing yourself and if you’re not changing  than how will you be successful. Also you can’t all the time hang with same people from childhood, because than you are not changing. You have to meet strangers and talk with them, you can heard something new, you can make a new friends etc. When I said that you have surround yourself with right people I don’t think just on friends, I also think on your parents, brother, sister..Probably you can’t get rid of them  but keep them on distance. Have you ever heard when your mom or dad said to you that you are good  enough and that you don’t have to change . Right there you can see how they affecting you. Instead they can say , you are good but keep getting better and better.

And the third thing is do what YOU love.

I’m also working on all this things. Maybe you will think who is she, and what does she talking about. But listen I’m working on it. On my first post I got a little amount of views. I could say to myself “oh shit it’s not working let’s give up” and after a few years I will say to myself “I didn’t have any luck or someone else is guilty because I didn’t become successful” . But I will become successful , and I wont give up or be a quitter. Probably you saw  a few (or more) grammar mistakes. That’s way , my English is not my first language. I’m from small country in Europe, but it doesn’t matter. Every day I’m becoming batter and better in speaking and writing English. Also I could give up because my eEnglish is not that good. But you know what I wont give up.

Keep going forward and never give up!

Write in comments what’s your three things to your way of successful. Also tell me if this post was just a little inspirational to you and remember don’t give up!

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