First blog post (hey YOU come and check this out)

Hey y’all ,

(sorry for grammar mistakes) or not?

Hm.. maybe it’s not great start but let me introduce myself.

My name is Dalia. Huh that’s all for now. Lately I got so much inspiration and I always want to start a blog and what stop me from doing is that I never really knew what to write and share with you. But you know what I am sick of “mind masturbating” (that is something that my friend will said , this is first time I use that word, trust me) . And what I mean is that everybody and probably 95% of you guys have that (if someone actually read this). Whats is “mind masturbating”? (I didn’t think this will be my first post, lol) It is when person (you) think a lot of something that could happen. Example: when you are starting with something new and you think what will other people think and comment , will it be good etc. It’s simple example. But it get worst. When you are going to sleep and you didn’t fell into sleep (I don’t  know how to explain) and you start dreaming but you are still not sleeping hah. What I mean is that lot of you and other people have dreams, right? And every time you are going to sleep you making that one dream reality in your mind. And that’s it. Exactly  that happen to me with writing a blog and I woke up today and said to myself it’s over start making your dreams your reality (not in mind). And if you think you can’t that is bullshit and you are just making excuses. But for real. A lot of people are afraid to make their dreams come true because they are afraid of failing. I am also afraid of failing but you have to take risks and action. And if you are still thinking, oh how will be great to stat a blog ( or something else)  that’s still dreaming , you need to take actions. I really don’t know what will happen but I don’t care and I won’t think about that. What did millionaire  said is that he always want to write a book , but everybody around him said that’s not easy and you need time, money,publisher etc. One day he sat in front of his computer and wrote a book in three hours. It was best-selling book. Few days later someone comment that his book has to many mistakes and because of that it is not good. He replied ” it’s not best written book ,it’s best selling book”. Imagine that. He had a dream and he accomplished it. And last think, surround yourself with positive people who will really support you in your path of making dreams come true.

I think that’s it for now, probably I will say something more in my next post.I know this will not be my last post. Stick with me, follow me , read my posts if you want with me make my dreams come true. And I really hope that I inspire you just a little, tell me in the comments, and go now, take actions.


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3 thoughts on “First blog post (hey YOU come and check this out)”

  1. This is a great start. My words of advice to my fellow blogger is to be patient and just keep writing anything of interest that comes to mind naturally. I started back in September and I am new too. Never give up on your blog. You started for a reason and so I started mine for reason. Also check out other blogs too. I hope you enjoyed my blog. You can follow me too if you want so that every time I post something you will get notified. Thanks.

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